13 May 2013


When things were going really badly with Christine and her drug-taking, it was The Clan who made it possible to send her and her little one-year old boy to the Noupoort Christian Care Centre in the Karoo for rehabilitation.  She spent 15 months there, subjected to a very harsh regimen.  But she has been completely free of drugs for over two years now, and on Saturday she married the young man she had met at Noupoort and fallen in love with.  McGill has posted many photos and some comment on Facebook, but there are a lot of Clansmen and Women who do not use Facebook and who have asked him to post some of the photos on the Clan Blog.  So, as The Clan have an intrinsic interest in her welfare and have played such a crucial part in her recovery, here they are!

Rudi Prinsloo and Christine Alexander in the chapel just after signing the registry at the end of the wedding ceremony.

Little Mackie was more interested in the bubbles that were used instead of confetti when the bridal couple emerged from the church.

Christine's son Mackie with Ouma Anne

Special guests representing The Clan: Kevin Peinke [D65] and Basil Kletz [M65].  Basil was the driver of the wedding car - his magnificent white Jaguar! 

Three of the girls who went through the rehab programme with Christine at Noupoort, all of them good friends of hers now.  The one on the left, Marianne, was one of her maids-of-honour.  The Hindu girl in the middle spent some weeks in hospital in PE after an accident during the rehab programme, and Mac and Anne visited her frequently.  

Ina van der Schyff with Anne.  Ina is a retired nursing sister and missionary who spent her whole adult life in Taiwan working amongst the Chinese.  When Mac and Anne were hospitalised after they had been taken hostage and Mac and their eldest daughter Melanie had been shot and wounded, Ina moved into the hospital to care for them and to act as interpreter.  She is a very special friend!

The happy family together on the wedding day!  Christine with her little son Mackie (soon to be four) and Rudi, who has accepted Mackie completely as his own son.

Jen and Reg du Plessis, related to Christine's biological half-sister.  They have been incredibly generous and kind to Christine and Rudi, helping them with accommodation and with their wedding reception.  It is people like these, who have provided support and love to someone they barely knew, that restore one's faith in humanity!

Christine's biological sister, Amber, her other maid-of-honour.  When one has an adopted child and she makes contact with her biological family, it all becomes a bit too complex to understand at times!

Shona, the second daughter of Mac and Anne, with her little girl, Kayla.

The wedding cake!  Courtesy of the Kletz family!

Mac's sister Helen with her husband Albe Naude.

Mac with two of his cousins: Robert Alexander and his sister Janet Simmonds.  Janet's late husband Frank was the long-time headmaster of St Andrew's Girls' School in Bedfordview.

McGill with his beautiful 15-year old goddaughter, Angelique Alexander, a horsewoman of note who attends the German School in Johannesburg.  Angie is the daughter of Mac's cousin Robert and she shares the same birthday as Mac.

Matthew Simmonds, son of Mac's cousin Janet.  Matthew spent a year in Taiwan learning Mandarin when Mac was the SA Military Attaché in Taipei.  During the traumatic hostage-taking experience, he acted ad the family spokesman.  Today he is a Director in the SA Government's Finance Department.

Mac opens the dance floor with his daughter Christine.

Quite an emotional moment!

Mac, dancing with the last of his three daughters to get married.

Rudi and Christine take to the dance floor.

Two young people very much in love.

They've made some awful mistakes in their lives and they've wasted some vital years - but they are on the right road now! It is our fervent prayer that they will continue.

McGill with the wives of two of his greatest school pals.  Suzie Peinke and Basil Kletz.  They stood by Mac and Anne, giving them constant support and encouragement when things were really going badly with Christine.

The Big Dayboy with McGill's little wife!  Kevin always manages to smile, and so does Annie!  Kevin and Sue had their own nightmare of a child on drugs, so they understood like few could.

McGill, dancing with his little sister, Helen.  She is 16 years younger than him!

Christine tosses her bouquet.  It was caught by Marianne, one of the girls who was with her at Noupoort.

22 February 2013


Pot and Kettle, overlooking the Valley of a Thousand Hills near Drummond,
Sunday 10 February 2013

Ian "Fozzie" Foster [M66] and his wife Andrina - their first ever Garthering!

Mike "Charlie" Menne [G66]

Andrina and Alison McCarter (Palmer) [H66] listen to Ian's reminiscing.

Foz tells another story!

Ian, Butch and George Watson [B67]

McGill looks doubtfully at Mike Menne - is he describing a fish he caught?

McGill displays his race number for the Midmar Mile that he had swum a few hours earlier!  The sexy leg in black next to his, belongs to Jenny Swardt (MacDonald) [C-65]

Ashley MacDonald [D-65] and Jenny Swardt (MacDonald) [C-65]

Always laughing!  Butch Bosch [G65] enjoys a joke.

George Watson [B67], with his permanent number "7" on his arm.  He had just swum an incredible 37th consecutive Midmar Mile, and did both the team and the individual events, swimming the Saturday and the Sunday.  It was the 40th year that the race was swum, and George has only missed the first three years.

McGill Alexander [M65] and Ian Foster [M66] at Ian's home in Kloof the next day.  Mac and Anne stayed the night with Ian and Andrina and travelled back to PE that Monday.

21 February 2013


Sunday 03 February 2013

Terry Greyling [M66] and Jenny, sharing their 40th wedding anniversary with The Clan at the Gathering!

Wine-tasting at Spier.  The manager of the restaurant in conversation with Dave Eadie [G65] and Anne, as well  as Maureen and Rory Gruss [D65]

Dave and Anne after tasting the wines.

Lunch on the cool veranda.  Maureen, Anne,, Dave, McGill, Terry, Jenny and Rory.

Rory Gruss [D65]


Victoria and Albert Waterfront, Cape Town, Monday 04 February 2013

Jorje Pringle [H65], Barry de Wet [B65] and McGill Alexander [M65]

McGill with Elaine and Barry 

Jorje, Mac, Elaine and Barry 


Midmar Dam, KwaZulu-Natal, 10 February 2013

Brimming with confidence before the swim!  (Or rather, pretending to!)  McGill with "Mannie" Mansingh Singh, looking very lily-white next to his bronzed Indo-European complexion.  Mannie gave McGill some good advice and allayed his fears, as he was a veteran of five Midmar swims.

"I cannot believe that a mile can be so much further in the dam than in a pool!"  Every other breath was a mouthful of water.  Nearly there, McGill - keep going and don't look so worried!

Terra firma!  Between falling over the first and the second time while trying to find his balance while standing up.

Made it! (But barely, by the look of exhaustion.)  Click on the photograph to enlarge it and look across the dam on the right of the picture.  A white tent can just be seen on the shoreline.  That is the starting point!  Somewhat further than swimming across Potch Dam when we were at school!

Showing clear signs of his age and exhaustion, but proudly showing off the medal, McGill stands beside his trusty car, 'Frank".  That is what Graham Ebedes [G65] has always called it, but Anne says a car cannot have a man's name, so she calls it "Francine".


Contributed by George Watson [B67]

Sad to see who are no longer with us!